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FAQ 004 - How do I check APN configuration on the Tablet for the 3G/4G connection?

If you have never flown your UX11 in 3G and that you are encountering trouble in binding the Tablet and the UX11, APN configuration on the Tablet must be verified:

On Android tablet, go to Settings -> More -> Cellular Networks

  • enable data roaming on the Delair SIM

  • click on APN (Access Point Name) to access the list of configured APN's

  • click on APN with FIELDS ALREADY FILLED, usually called "" or "" to edit it:

    • Rename name (first field) by : Delair
    • Rename APN (second field) by :
    • the screen configuration should look like the file attached (screenshot)
    • go to the 3 dots (top right corner of the page) and click save.
  • when back on the APN list page, select APN "Delair".

  • Disable any wifi connection and Enable the Mobile/Cellular Data

  • The tablet should show a cellular connection if a cellular network is available in the area. On certain Android devices a cellular connection indicator is displayed (such as 3G, or H, H+) in the Android status bar (top of the tablet screen). The name of the cellular operator is usually accessible through the relevant Android menu.

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