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FAQ 017 - Base station files requirements

Delair After Flight supports base station files as RINEX. RINEX (Receiver Independent EXchange Format) is a data interchange format for raw satellite navigation system data. Converting any base station file to RINEX results in a set of files sharing the same name with different extension. 

Observation files (extension .xxO) are mandatory and contain raw observations. They may come along with several other but optional navigation files depending on supported satellite systems (for instance .xxN for GPS navigation files, .xxG for GLONASS navigation files). The navigation files should be included if possible. 

Delair After Flight only supports GPS and GLONASS satellite systems thus a set of RINEX files should contain an observation (.xxO) and two navigation files (.xxG and .xxN). The software support using several observations files from a single base station (it is common for permanent base station to split files periodically). 

Delair After Flight supports files from base stations calibrated by National Geodetic Survey. Complete list can be found here 

Latest calibrated equipment may not be included. 

To ensure full compatibility and accurate results, your RINEX files should comply with the following requirements : 

  • RINEX version : 2.x or 3.x 
  • Satellite systems : GPS and GLONASS 
  • Carrier phase : L1 and L2 
  • Logging interval : 1s

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